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zeether asked: What's your favorite Japanese train? I'm sort of a fan of the Hankyu Railway's rolling stock myself.

Regarding Steam:

I’m heavily drawn towards Japanese Steam. There’s something about those running boards, combination steam/sand domes, electric headlamps, and smoke deflectors that really comes out in them. It’s all very straight forward and pragmatic (in the best way possible). Their express passenger locomotives are some of the most graceful things I can think of and their C10/11/12 Tanks are very handsome looking engines.

Plus, the shared design of the C56 and the C11 (or was it C12) is pretty analogous to the DRG Class 24/64 design or the Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2t/2-6-0 design. Very clever designing two locomotives at once…

Regarding Electrics:

The Hankyu Railway has a fantastic red-brown colour scheme that looks fantastic on their older EMUs (like the 600, 610, and 710 classes) which reminds me of Interurbans here in the States. Plus, it’s a standard gauge (4’-8.5”) railway too. 

I like the Enoshima Electric Railway (Enoden)’s equipment as well. They have a compact feel to them. Add that with street running and a seaside line and you’ve got some good stuff going on. Type 10s are really elegant looking and while they are very much a modern EMU, they do the retro look really well.

Also there’s something about 3rd rail-powered EMUs that I feel works with the Japanese EMU design.

I haven’t found a Japanese Electric locomotive (i.e. non-EMU electric) I dislike yet. They’re all very handsome locomotives. I’d take a single headlight unit over a double headlight unit, though.

Regarding Diesels:

Not so much a diesel guy, but I like the DD51 and the DD16 classes. Very straight and too the point. I feel as though Japan brought the center cab locomotives to a very good point.

I like the class DE10 simply for that odd wheel arrangement and the fact that it’s a Diesel-Hydraulic.

I like the look of the DF200s, but I’m just not a fan of any of the liveries they wear. A plain black with minimal lining might suit them better, IMO…


Hope this answers your question!

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A GWR Castle at speed - 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe racing alongside the M5

GWR Castle Class No. 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe races alongside the M5 motorway in Devon with the returning Cornishman railtour which ran from Bristol to Plymouth and back. 28th April 2012


Available on Mainline Diary 2012: Part 1, available from July 2012

Mmmm…. lovely!

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NYCTA Work Train at 168th Street Station – IND Eighth Avenue Line – 20 June 2013

I was waiting for an uptown (A) train around 12:30pm today at 168th Street, when this work train rolled through. As far as I can tell, it headed past 174th Street Yard and towards Inwood-207th Street…

Stock shown in order:

  • 886 - GE SL50 50T Diesel-Electric (R-77)
  • 2 flatcars
  • OL922 - Motive Power Industries Diesel-Electric (R-156)
  • RD40x, can’t really make out the last number - Rider Car
  • 81 - General Electric 45T Diesel-Electric - (R-52)


Filmed from my HTC Sensation phone.

So, I finally uploaded a video to YouTube. And would you look at that, it’s a train…

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